Provisional Course Schedule

All readings should be completed before class on the day assigned. PDF files may be found in Canvas Modules (or the Canvas Library Reading List); you need to have a digital or printed copy in class of all readings.

Week 1 on Zoom see Canvas module for Zoom link

T Aug 25                     Introductions

R Aug 27                     PDFs: West, “Indissoluble Matrimony”; Mullin, “Modernisms and Feminisms”; Loy, “Feminist Manifesto”. See Canvas Week 1 module for assignment signups!

Week 2 on Zoom see Canvas module for Zoom link

T Sept 1                      Woolf, A Room of One’s Own chapters One-Four; hint: notes at the end

R Sept 3                      A Room of One’s Own chapters Five-Six  

West    Essays: A, Responses: C

Week 3 on Zoom see Canvas module for Zoom link

T Sept 8                      West, Return of the Soldier chapters 1-4
Biobib: West

R Sept 10                    UMW closed for move-in    

Week 4

T Sept 15                   Return chapters 5-6 and Benstock, “Expatriate Modernism” (pdf)
CC report: women and WW I

Woolf       Essays: B, Responses: D

R Sept 17                    Woolf, To the Lighthouse, “The Window”
Biobib: Woolf

 Week 5

T Sept 22                    Lighthouse, “Time Passes” and “Modern Fiction” (pdf)     
CC report: The New Woman and the flapper

R Sept 24                  Lighthouse, “The Lighthouse”
  CC report: modernist women and visual art

Stein     Essays: C, Responses: A

Week 6

T Sept 29                    Stein, Tender Buttons
Biobib: Stein 

R Oct 1                        Tender Buttons; Spahr’s “Afterward” (107-125); “Poetry and Grammar” (pdf)
CC report: women in modernist Paris

H.D.    Essays: D, Responses: B

Week 7

T Oct 6                        H. D., HERmione Part One
Biobib: H. D.

R Oct 8                        HERmione Part Two
CC report: sexology

Week 8                       

T Oct 13                     HERmione and “Notes on Thought and Vision” excerpt (pdf)
CC report: Hall’s The Well of Loneliness

Cather    Essays: A, Responses: C

R Oct 15                      Cather, My Ántonia Introduction and Book I
Biobib: Cather         

Week 9

T Oct 20                      My Ántonia Books II and III
CC report: reproductive rights and practices

R Oct 22                      My Ántonia Books IV and V
CC report: girl’s and women’s education in the modern period

Barnes    Essays: B, Responses: D

Week 10

T Oct 27                      Barnes, Nightwood chapters 1-3; rec.: T. S. Eliot’s Preface
Biobib: Barnes

 R Oct 29                     Nightwood chapters 4-5
CC report: women’s fight for the vote

Week 11

T Nov 3                      NO CLASS.  THEY FOUGHT FOR IT, YOU USE IT. VOTE.

R Nov 5                   Nightwood chapters 6-8
CC report: women’s fashion/crossdressing

Larsen     Essays: C, Responses: A

Week 12

T Nov 10                     Larsen, Passing Parts One and Two
Biobib: Larsen report

R Nov 12                    Passing Part Three and Caughie, “Passing as Modernism” (link)
CC report: women and/of the Harlem Renaissance

Hurston    Essays: D, Responses: B

Week 13

T Nov 17                     Hurston, The Complete Stories: “John Redding Goes to Sea,”  “The Gilded Six-Bits,” “Mother Catherine”
Biobib: Hurston    

R Nov 19                     Complete Stories “Muttsy,” “Sweat,” “Story in Harlem Slang”
Biobib: Sayers

Week 14 at home       

Read all of Sayers, Gaudy Night. Yes, I mean it.

Week 15 on Zoom see Canvas module for Zoom link

T Dec 1                       Sayers 

R Dec 3                       Sayers

FINAL EXAM PERIOD:      Tuesday, December 8, 12:00-2:30