I’m including several photos below, all taken by me in the archives of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt or at the special collections library of Smith College. (Even as I post some of these, I hesitate, lest I fetishize Woolf’s mental illness and death as so many others have. Yet she was human, and loved, and, as Katia said, broadly admired even in her time in a way unusual for women artists of the era. )

Virginia Woolf drowned on March 28, 1941, and was found three weeks later
Leonard Woolf’s reply to the telegram from publisher Donald Brace discussing _Between the Acts_; he also sent a telegram when the body was found.
Some of Brace’s reply about _Between the Acts_
Virginia Woolf’s telegram to her publisher describing _To the Lighthouse_ prior to publication
Some of VW’s changes to proofs of TtL, in her hand (Smith College)
A few things from my literary tourism travels

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