I thought it’d be fun to write a song based on how Chris described his time with Margaret in Chapter 3 of Return of the Soldier. I wrote the lyrics but just used a background instrumental I found because 1. I don’t have any instruments with me and 2. I’ve never actually written the instrumental for a song and I’m honestly scared to. I hope you guys like it and I’ll put the lyrics below! I named the song A Girl In White because Jenny describes Margaret as this when she listens to Chris.


The way her gentle hands pick a walnut leaf

And crush it to breath in its sweet scent

Her white dress flowing in the breeze

Taking careful steps as she descends

I can see her standing

On the edge of Monkey Island

The way she squints her eyes as she tries

To find me on the other side

That white hawthorn tree right next me


And here she comes

My love all dressed up in white

I feel like I’ve waited all my life

For her

The memories are as clear as day

And now you say there years away

But I can see her


I coax her from the inn that last summers day

And we walk deeper in the island than we’ve ever gone before

Through the willows and the fig-wort we find our way

To a garden long forgotten by the shore

Then the pale moon appears and she takes my hand

And pulls me back to her reality

She rests her delicate cheek on the window to her room

And Questions how our love could be


But there she is

My love all dressed up in white

I can’t just ignore the sight

Of her

These forgotten memories can’t outweigh

My love for her I know I feel this day

I can’t pretend she’s nothing at all

Because she’s the only person that I can even recall


We descend further into the night

The sweet scent of walnut leaves in the air

We come across a temple the glows in the moonlight

I lift her above the altar and all I can do is stare

She’s the goddess of the temple

And I’d give her a golden apple if I could

I worship the way she looks as the moon shines on her hair

And I know that I am gone for good

Cause here she is

My love all dressed up in white

I feel like I’ve waited all my life

For her

The memories are as clear as day

So please Jenny don’t take them away 

From me

Cause I can see her

I can see her

Beck’s Final: A Song for Chris and Margaret

2 thoughts on “Beck’s Final: A Song for Chris and Margaret

  • December 7, 2020 at 11:49 pm

    DANG DUDE!! You can sing!!! This is beautiful and totally captures the book and relationship between Chris and Margaret <3 excellent job!!

  • December 9, 2020 at 11:37 am

    Beautiful! Beck, we should have made you sing your oral reports. I think you’ve evoked Chris’s romanticization of Margaret (goddess, moon, temple) really well, and the piece is haunting when I imagine the war that awaits him. But p.s. poor Jenny gets blamed for everything bad, that sadsack. Fantastic piece.

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