I won’t try to hide the fact that I had no idea how to go about making my final project video. Instead of coming up with a super creative way of giving my final thoughts here, I opted to just tell my thoughts as like a kind of vlog post (even though I’m not even sure if I did it right) with a small hint of giving people an idea of what to expect to learn after taking this course. I’ve been pretty quiet for this class, so I figured that giving some of the thoughts I had in an unscripted/unedited video would work well enough. It’s just a few summarized thoughts I had in this class done in one single five-minute take. Sorry if it seems a little lackluster, but I like the idea of just telling it like it is. (And yes, I went a little over because I misjudged how long I would speak, but I don’t think it’s not too bad.) Hope you all enjoy it regardless!

DJ’s Final Thoughts

2 thoughts on “DJ’s Final Thoughts

  • December 8, 2020 at 8:42 pm

    “Women are awesome!” YEAH, YEAH, DJ. I absolutely loved your vlog and the honesty you brought to it. I’d watch more if you started a channel.

  • December 9, 2020 at 2:02 pm

    OH MY GOD DJ HAS FACIAL HAIR. It’s like looking at a stranger to see you without a mask.
    Thank you for the endorsement! The concept that things take so long to change– or not change– is something I think about a lot. I also really liked your definition of modernism’s “truth.” Great first go at a vlog.

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