I chose to highlight kitty’s involvement in this novel because i felt like she was written off as an housewife. This is in part because of Jenny’s narration, so I chose a variety of scenes where outside of narration Kitty was shown to be experiencing intense distress. She had symptoms of depression throughout most of the book, and it is reasonable that she would. Chris is how she has financial stability and a home, so if he chooses to leave her she will have no where to go. I think that these scenes really show the extent of Kitty’s misery with or without bias, and it is very important to me to show that Kitty might be more than an annoying housewife. One thing that will stay with me after this class is the ignoring of mental health issues. Robin, Kitty, Hermione, Mr. Ramsey, and Mr. Shimerda are just a few of the characters we talked about that had characteristics of mental disorders. Largely these people did not receive help and suffered because of it. To use a lorentzen term, this is really tied to exigency because those struggles are still around. Help is a lot more accessible now but there are many people out there who still struggle and cannot figure out how to overcome it. These problems still exist but this semester gave me a really interesting concept of the early issues of mental health especially among women, the LGBT community, and artists. As a bisexual woman who just so happens to be a creative writing, psychology double major I really enjoyed learning about it and will think about these stories and characters for a long time.

My computer had a lot of problems getting this video downloaded so there might be a glitch or two. I am very thankful for my two best friends who are the only two members of my quarantine “pod” so there was a double casting, and im just glad someone had clip on bangs on hand.

Emma’s Final – A final word on Kitty Baldry

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  • December 9, 2020 at 11:48 am

    Gaaaaaah, so good! Clip bangs were crucial! Unbilled appearances by guest stars Doctor and small white dog! Emma, the line about how Kitty lies about as if broken does haunt me when I read the novel even though I find her to be generally awful, and the montage on the couch, as well as the crying scenes, really do make us see her differently, as someone suffering. Really important focus on mental health and how it might make us see a character anew. Bravo to you and your pod.

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