Gaudy Night has left me with a lot of feelings. Much as I would love to spark a final attempt at discussion on this blog right before our final two classes (and if anyone wants to comment on how Harriet’s status as a detective fiction writer makes this book a work of fiction, or about marriage, or about ghosts, or about TRUTH, ARGH, TRUTH, please feel free. I will attack such a proposition with enthusiasm.

However. The rest of this post is not a space for intelligent thought, it’s primarily a space for incomprehensible memes. Spoilers to follow…. maybe? Of a certain kind. (Not the answer to the mystery, but definitely some moment/quote spoilers). Make of these what you will.

Dorothy Sayers' face, captioned with "You are not immune to Peter Wimsey"
Deep-fried screenshot from a BBC Gaudy Night adaptation, captioned "Presidential alert: the girls are punting"
Illustration of Harriet Vane captioned "Mfw minor poetry has its practical uses"
A chess set similar to the one from Gaudy Night, captioned "Chess set, bottom text"
An black-and-white picture of the town of Oxford, captioned "Oxford in the thirties. Whose right to an education will be disputed? Suppose one is cursed with a heart and a brain. Oh god I am complicit in class oppression oh god oh fuck."

See you all on Tuesday!

I don’t explain my poetry often.

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