Hey! So I made a quick painting and poem about matria based on My Antonia and the greatest symbol of the womb the world will ever know, as well as one of the greatest symbols of matria I think I’ve seen all semester! I didn’t really explain it in my video, so I’ll explain it here, but basically, the painting is of our classroom, the BallWomb, of course, done as if it was in Antonia’s fruit cave. I thought that our class served as a prime example of what matria could be, serving as a creative birth place, especially one that surrounds women’s thoughts, ideals, and values. Our classroom has also become something that strongly represents the idea of home for me, which I feel like I say every semester with Scanlon’s classes, but in this course, we have talked about women still finding their place intellectually, and the classroom here is one of the places right now where I know I can belong. I see so many of the values our author’s crave being finally represented in our room and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to represent that.

The poem I wrote and read during the video also speaks to that same idea. I’ll add it below the video, but it basically speaks to the thought of our classroom serving as “matria.”


some begin in a space

full of warmth, swimming in

muffled sounds

enveloped in familiarity

welcomed by a bright light

and fumbling hands and shining faces

gentle fawning and hushed whispers

warm embracing

the sun rising

spending their days in a place that they

can proudly call their own

but others don’t

they wander off from a cold place

searching with their own fumbling hands

mumbling and meek

muffled sounds meet muffled faces

muffled sounds meet radio static

grey upon grey

calling out for foreign names

filling voids,

passing the time

wandering the night

making sense out of nothing until it means something

until they stumble upon

some where

some when

some one


some place where


We Are

Maddie’s Final project on the BallWomb and Matria
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3 thoughts on “Maddie’s Final project on the BallWomb and Matria

  • December 3, 2020 at 10:54 pm

    Maddie this is amazing omg!!! i love the painting, i love getting to see the process, AND i love your poem and its theme and how they intersect! thank you for this! it’s good enough that i’m forgoing grammar in a school post!

  • December 6, 2020 at 12:56 pm

    Maddie, this is extremely powerful and absolutely lovely.– the painting, the poem, the sentiment about our class. And of course I hardly know how to teach anymore without you in the room! Thank you.

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